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From the //StarTribune//, 13 Oct 2003.
From the //Star Tribune//, 13 Oct 2003.
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From the //StarTribune//, 13 Oct 2003.

Susan E. Muenzer


Muenzer Susan E., born Feb. 28, 1921 in Berlin, Germany. She emigrated to England in 1941 to escape Nazism. She lived through the Blitz and came to America in 1945, settling in MN with her family. She was a 26 year employee of the St. Paul J.C.C., until her retirement in 1986. She was a program director, started the Child Care Program, and was Director of Camp Butwin. She is survived by niece, Deborah Muenzer Doy (Jerry) and their family Sam and Mina; and nephew, Steven Muenzer (Jeanne Scott). Graveside service will be TODAY (Monday) at 1:30 pm at Adath Yeshurun Cemetery, 56th and France Ave. S., Edina. Enga-White-Gleason 612-827-5838[^[[]], viewed 23 Feb 2013.^]


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